D2U Trolley Wheel Hand Truck Cart Wheelbarrow Pneumatic Rubber Steel Wheels 13″ (325mmx90x16)


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✅ PNEUMATIC RUBBER REPLACEMENT WHEELS: This is a solid steel rim trolley black Powder coated wheel and mostly suitable for sack trolleys and hand trolleys. These rubber wheel will remove the hassle of flat free non marking tires so that you can keep going without worries! These solid rubber steel rim wheel assembly fit vehicles and equipment with 13 Inch (330mm) Wheelbarrow tires/trolley wheel and tyre.

✅ HEAVY-DUTY WIDE WHEEL MATERIALS: Heavy duty tires made from premium-quality black powder coated heavy duty soild rubber and steel construction. These are solid rubber tires you can depend on in any weather condition. Its 100% natural solid hard rubber. It has 6 Month Manufacture Warranty. Perfect for heavy-duty hauling and transporting.

✅ PNEUMATIC TIRES FOR HAND TRUCKS AND MORE: These Rim wheel is a Versatility and dependability are the selling points of flat-free tire and wheel assemblies. They are highly compatible replacement tires for dollies, trolleys, hand trucks, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, yard trailers, wagons, snow blowers, and other utility equipment, its not recommended for highway use. When the last thing you want to be doing is pumping up tyres that have gone flat over time.

✅ SAFE AND COMFORTABLE RIDE – It flat-free tires provide convenience, safety, and comfort. These are solid tires with a solid performance, Not suitable for highway use.NO MORE PUNCTURES! NO MORE FLAT TYRES!

✅ DIMENSIONS – . It dimensions with 13 Inch (330mm) 4.00-6, 16mm Axle, 17mm Bore, 180mm Rim, these tires provides optimum shock absorption even on bumpy roads.


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